Reader feedback: Back to the future

A reader took issue to my latest Editor’s Note. That doesn’t bother me at all; I love a good give-and-take, and he has some good points to make:

“I understand in your position you have to pitch so-called "innovative" technologies like Silverlight. I get a kick out of watching the spin where the industry for the most part re-brands old things to look new. I'm sure many Smalltalkers would agree.

But let's not forget. The internet is really just a more open and larger client-server environment. And don't get me wrong, I love the internet and make my living programming for it.  But when the browser, HTML, www came along we really took several steps backwards in terms of application design.  What you call "pushing forward like Lewis and Clark" with Rich Internet Apps I call getting back to the rich applications we used to build in client-server environments. 

I guess your analogy IS good though...Lewis and Clark didn't really do anything new, they just so happened to travel across territories already inhabited by Native Americans for years. And like many others, they called it a "discovery" and a "bold exploration".”

Ken Schweda, Chicago, IL

-- If you want to disagree (or agree) with me on anything, please feel free.

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