Gone With The Week (Mar 1 – 5, 2010)

The following is a selection of five news about .NET development published on independent media.

image Problematic pair programming

Larry O’Brien explores reasons why pair programming is the least adopted of the Extreme Programming practices and ways to deal with its challenges. (Software Development Times)

image Redesign VB IDE Dialogs

Karl Peterson unleashes ways to tweak VB IDE dialogs and improve their design. (Visual Studio Magazine)

image Pragmatic F# in Action

Amanda Laucher and Josh Graham introduce F#, emphasizing what makes it better than imperative languages. (infoQ)

image Add Paging Functionality to your ASP.NET MVC Site

Michael Campbell covers a common concern among ASP.NET MVC developers (especially those with an extensive Web Forms background): code-reuse for common UI tasks such as pagination. (DevConnections)

image No Backward Compatibility for Windows Phone 7

Emil Protalinski comments on a Microsoft Program Manager blogpost regarding close ties between Windows Phone 7 Series and .NET framework. (Ars Technica)

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