A Tentative Content Plan for 2010

Dear readers, while we could yet make some few tweaks to the agenda, these below is for now the most possible content plan for next year.


Month Theme
January Cloud Computing
February Distributed Computing, SOA
March Modeling and Tools, Application Lifecycle Management
April Programming and Design Techniques
May Rich Internet Applications
June Performance and Scalability
July Developing for Office 2010
August Data-access
September Concurrency and Parallelism
October Interoperability
November Security
December Embedded Devices and Mobile Computing


The magazine is composed by some few featured articles plus several regular columns. In general, the monthly themes affect mainly to those featured articles better than the columns. But exceptions to this rule may happen, why not, in the sense that columns may also be on the monthly theme or eventually a featured article may be on something else, if we also consider that topic relevant enough.

Are you interested in writing for MSDN Magazine? Did you know that you may do it? We are about to post on how you can submit your ideas, what are the kind of articles we are looking for (in order to increase your chances of being accepted), general styles, length and other aspects.


Stay tuned!!

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