Announcing a New Series: From Web Dev to RIA Dev

I’m sitting here in my hotel room at MIX 2009, where a ton of really huge announcements were made today.  In a much more scaled down attempt at continuing that tradition, I want to announce that starting in May, we are launching a 9 week series focused on introducing ASP.NET Web application developers to creating rich internet applications – and introduce a few other patterns along the way to help create better Web software.

The approach will take an existing Web application that has been written in classic ASP.NET and refactor parts of it based on the goals of each installment.  Some of the specific details are still being worked out, but I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to James Kovacs, the guy who’s going to be working them out, hopefully with some help from you.  I’ll let James post separately on his thoughts and initial items that he would like feedback on, but wanted to at least be the first one to tell you all how excited I am about this upcoming series!

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