{ End Bracket } roundup

Back in January, we rounded up all of the recent { End Bracket } columns you may have missed, since I don’t always get around to featuring them before a new issue comes online.

{ End Bracket } provides a forum for developers to express opinions or share pet projects that may be tangential to the main themes we typically cover in MSDN Magazine, but are still interesting and often important. Ideas that perhaps are on the verge of being forgotten, or perhaps have not yet blossomed to their full potential.

Here are some recent installments of the { End Bracket } column:

Customize Windows Home Server, Chris Gray (July 2008) – Chris Gray discusses custom applications he’s developed for Windows Home Server and explores applications for energy savings.

Election Results Even Voters Can Trust, Josh Benaloh (June 2008) – Surprisingly, cryptography can be applied to the electoral process to allow every individual voter to check the integrity of an election tally. Find out how here.

Rich and Reach Applications, Terry Crowley (May 2008) – Rich or reach, rich or thin, thick or fat? Thus went the battle over how much functionality a client should have. Here's how it all turned out.

The Magic of Software, Julia Lerman (April 2008) – Are the transparent computer screens in the movie Minority Report or the flashy fingerprint analysis software programs used on CSI closer than we think? Maybe so.

What is ALT .NET?, Jeremy D. Miller (March 2008) – Jeremy D. Miller explains the motivation behind the ALT .NET movement.

The Digital Declaration of Independence, Bill Hill (Launch 2008) – Bill Hill discusses his Digital Declaration of Independence.

We’re always open to new authors and new subject matter, so please contact us at mmsubmit@microsoft.com (mention End Bracket in the subject line) if you’re interested in writing.

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