What is green programming?

One of our editorial counterparts over in MSDN, Mitch Irsfeld, the Managing Editor of the U.S. MSDN Flash and TechNet Flash newsletters, visited Imagine 2008 and reported back on what the computer industry is doing to promote the principles of environmental sustainability. Check it out.

Our sister publication, TechNet Magazine, now runs a cool new column called Sustainable Computing. Clearly, Green is the new black. This got us thinking last night over at the magazine: What does environmentally friendly computing mean to you if you’re a software developer? Is it any different from the performance tweaking you’re always doing?

If you have any ideas on what it does mean to be a lean, green programmer, let us know here.


Comments (1)

  1. Azuryy says:

    It’s hard to define a Green programmer, different people has different concerns.

    but I think at least, green programmer is he/she is happy to program or get happy from the programming.

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