WinUnit Simplifies Unit Testing for Native C++ Applications

Have you been frustrated by so-called "engineering experts" who extol the virtues of unit testing, yet can offer little more than hand waving when asked for tool recommendations for native code?

In the February issue of MSDN Magazine, Maria Blees introduces you to her native code unit testing tool called WinUnit. With WinUnit, you can make a DLL with only tests in it, run those tests, and the testing framework takes care of the reporting and logging.

WinUnit will accept any number of DLLs or directories, process them, report the total results, and return with an exit code.

Don't forget to browse Maria's sample code and grab the article's code download, which includes the WinUnit utility.


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Comments (2)

  1. Kim says:

    Thanks for a nice efficient and simple tool for C++.

    However I was wondering what the best approach is if I want to implement test for internal code i.e. non-exported functions etc.?

    In dll’s I can implement the test in a separate file but inside the project, this works fine. But how can I do the same for libraries and executables?

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