{ End Bracket } roundup

Since we started blogging about the MSDN Magazine articles and columns six-or-so months ago, one column hasn't gotten the attention it really deserves. The { End Bracket } column closes out each issue and, as our editor Joan Levinson noted, "We needed something for the back page."

But more seriously, { End Bracket } provides a forum for developers to express opinions or share pet projects that may be tangential to the main themes we typically cover in MSDN Magazine, but are still interesting and often important. Ideas that perhaps are on the verge of being forgotten, or perhaps have not yet blossomed to their full potential.

With that out of the way, here are some recent installments of { End Bracket } you may have missed:

Finding the Best of the Best, by our Editor in Chief, Howard Dierking (February 2008)

Passion for the Craft, by Scott Hanselman (January 2008)

You Should Learn SharePoint, by Robert Bogue (December 2007)

WPF is for developers, too, by Kevin Moore (November 2007)

Matrimony mashup, by our very own Michael Richter (October 2007)

Turning the Pages with WPF, by Tim Sneath (September 2007)

We’re always open to new authors and new subject matter, so please contact us at mmsubmit@microsoft.com (mention End Bracket in the subject line) if you’re interested in writing.

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