Cutting Edge: Customize Controls with AJAX Extenders

Input controls are essential in any application, but Web controls are often little more than wrappers around HTML <INPUT> tags. Clearly, better input controls are needed, especially for anyone who is writing ASP.NET AJAX applications.

In the January issue of MSDN Magazine, Dino Esposito takes a look at the input capabilities of ASP.NET 3.5, focusing on how to enhance ASP.NET input controls using some of the JavaScript-powered behaviors available in the AJAX Control Toolkit.

If you missed it, in the December issue of MSDN Magazine Dino introduced the Microsoft AJAX Library and demonstrated how to use its JavaScript extensions and built-in classes.

For more about ASP.NET AJAX development, check out the previous installments of Cutting Edge as well as other coverage in the MSDN Magazine archives.


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