Mainframe Interop With BizTalk Adapters and the .NET Framework

You might be surprised to know that COBOL is still a common language for business apps. According to a 2001 Gartner report on enterprise programming language adoption, more than 60 percent of the businesses surveyed still used COBOL. Almost every major industry relies on COBOL.

In the December issue of MSDN Magazine, Bashar "Bash" Badawi demonstrates how BizTalk  Adapters for Host Integration Server help you connect to mainframe and midrange systems and integrate your Windows systems with their host applications, data sources, messaging, and security. By connecting these technologies, the resources residing on a mainframe system become just another BizTalk-managed endpoint.

For more BizTalk coverage in MSDN Magazine, check out this RSS feed as well as the Service Station column archive.


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