Cutting Edge: Managing the User Experience in AJAX

In recent columns, Dino Esposito has been enthusiastic about how AJAX technologies help you build Web sites in which the old stop-and-go pattern is replaced by a more interactive structure.

In the November issue of MSDN Magazine, Dino reviews the problems, solutions, and tools needed to implement an effective user interface for Web applications based on ASP.NET AJAX -- in particular, applications that use the partial rendering model.

ASP.NET AJAX sports two programming models for you to choose from—partial rendering and script services. For a deeper discussion of the two, you might want to check out my columns from the September 2007 and October 2007 issues of MSDN Magazine.

Get up to speed with ASP.NET AJAX by reading more MSDN Magazine coverage from Dino Esposito in the Cutting Edge column, as well as in the MSDN Magazine archives.


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