Windows Mobile: Adjust ring volume according to the ambient noise level

Doesn't it always seem like, when you're having a quiet, relaxing moment, your mobile phone starts ringing at full volume? So much for mellowing out.

Or you're in a crowded room and your phone rings too quietly to hear? That was your date calling? She's forgotten where you were going to meet? Oops, sorry...

In the October issue of MSDN Magazine, Chris Mitchell develops a Windows Mobile application that automatically adjusts the Pocket PC's ring level based on the ambient noise in its current environment. The functionality of this app prevents the phone from ringing too loudly or softly, saving you from embarrassment and missed calls.

Explore the sample code online, or grab the code download to explore on your computer.

And for more information about the Windows Mobile platform, don't forget to check out the Windows Mobile Developer Center on MSDN.

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