Improve Scalability With New Thread Pool APIs

Windows Vista and the upcoming Windows Server 2008 include a new thread pool API that should make it much easier for developers to employ the thread pool effectively.

In the October issue of MSDN Magazine, Robert Saccone shows you how the new thread pool component addresses a number of limitations of the legacy thread pool. For example, the new thread pool lets you create multiple thread pools per process, while the old model allowed only one.

To get you started, Robert included two sample applications in the download for this article. The first, ThreadPoolDemo, lets you experiment with work, wait, and timer objects so you can explore how they work.

The second sample application, CopyFile, is an update of the Windows SDK file-copying example that demonstrates how a completion port works.


Terrence Dorsey

Comments (2)

  1. Pat Cantey says:

    I cannot find these two sample apps in the code download package for October 2007.  Is there somewhere else I should look?

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