Running Queries On Multi-Core Processors With PLINQ

Multi-core processors are here. Responding to the increased availability of multi-processor platforms, Parallel Language Integrated Query (PLINQ) is a query execution engine that accepts any LINQ-to-Objects or LINQ-to-XML query and automatically utilizes multiple processors or cores for execution when they are available.

In the October issue of MSDN Magazine, Joe Duffy and Ed Essey introduce you to PLINQ, explain where PLINQ fits into the broader .NET Framework and other concurrency offerings, and demonstrate what it looks like from the perspective of LINQ developers.

Note that the Parallel FX library, which includes PLINQ, is currently still under development, but the first Community Tech Preview (CTP) will be available from MSDN later this year. Watch for details.

Also, be sure to check out Joe's blog posts on PLINQ and the LINQ Project at the .NET Framework Developer Center.


Terrence Dorsey

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