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And now that I've got your attention, I want to pick your brain about a couple things.  I'm in the process (hopefully close to the end of the process) of getting the 2008 column plan solidified for MSDN Magazine.  First, a little context.  One of my major goals in 2008 content planning is ensuring that there is something for everyone in each issue of the magazine.  As I have been going through the existing columns and categorizing them by technology, there are 2 things that seem strangely absent.

  • Mobile development
  • Software Design

This is not to say that these topics don't periodically show up in feature articles - they absolutely do.  However, it seems to me that they should potentially have a more regular place in the magazine (e.g. - a column).



Comments (3)

  1. Clemens says:

    Software Design,

    for sure the Distributed System Designers [Team Architect] togheter with P&P Software Factories and a "agile" Top-Down-Design approach. Something like this? –> http://www.clemensreijnen.nl/2007/09/service_factory_application_de.html


  2. Klem says:

    Would like to have new programmers be more grounded in fundamentals instead of the high level agile. Knowing your design fundamentals are important and should be pushed.

    Extra, would like to have a separate column area for managed verses non-managed C++. At least one dedicated column for each would be nice. Talk about the new MFC features and articles about using it for Vista. For C# I would like to see more dealing with custom attribs and more using that for design work and other uses.

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