Blogging the Articles: What do you think?

For the past month or so we've been blogging about each of the articles in the current issue.

I was hoping this would give each one a bit more special attention than it gets in the table of contents. Plus, it gives us a chance to highlight related information -- RSS feeds, archived articles, related sites -- that we might have a chance to show you in the article itself.

So now that we've been at it for a month, we'd love to know whether you like it or not? Is this something we should keep doing?

Let us know what you'd like to see.

Terrence Dorsey

Comments (5)

  1. Marc says:

    Yes, please! As there’s so much information pouring in every day, I live by the rule "if it’s not in my RSS feeds, it doesn’t exist" (I statement that kind of makes me sad). So please blog about the articles so I’m aware of things outside my RSS bubble.

  2. Klem says:

    I take the train and it’s like having a bit of personal time each morning/evening. The best way I have found to stay up to date is to create my own application to convert articles to RTF so I can take them with me on my PRS-500. This device does not get much press and what it does get is generally poor … but using one is like magic. I can hold an entire library of data in the palm of my hand. I frequent with about 180 novels and about 300 technical articles and have references to most everything. My only hope is that one day it will have better PR.

  3. Mayurrie says:

    I think the magazines are stupid!

    also unappropiate

  4. Henry99 says:

    Sorry for what Mayurrie said above…

    Even he may feel so, I do not have any problem with this, but he could express himself more politely.

    My opinion: msdn-mag does a great job.

    I like your articles.

    And since it’d be possible to subscribe to this feed I would receive immediately newest info about favorite areas of interest.

    My advice: don’t ask to much, do it, blog your articles and listo.

    Best regards

  5. Martin H. says:

    I think it’s a good idea to blog the articles provided you spread the entries out with a bit of time between each entry.

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