ScriptManager and ASP.NET AJAX

ScriptManager is a server-side control that sits on your Web Form and enables the core of ASP.NET AJAX.

In the September issue of MSDN Magazine, Ben Rush explains how the ScriptManager control represents a central component of ASP.NET AJAX, and shows you how to use ScriptManager to unlock the advanced programming capabilities of ASP.NET AJAX. Ben will go over the main features of ASP.NET AJAX that the ScriptManager control enables, and then explores the lifecycle of the control on the server.

Get up to speed with ASP.NET AJAX by reading more MSDN Magazine coverage from Dino Esposito in the Cutting Edge column, as well as in the MSDN Magazine archives.


Terrence Dorsey

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  1. Manish says:

    This is a great article for those who are working with Ajax and need client side script handleing over the partial post backs.

    Three chears to the writer!!!

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