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For the July 2006 issue of MSDN Magazine, Sergey Mishkovskiy wrote a cool article on integrating Windows Desktop Search into Visual Studio through a custom add-in.  However, it was based on WDS 2.x, and since then Microsoft has released WDS 3.x (what Windows Vista incorporates).  As such, Sergey has graciously updated his add-in to work with 3.x, and we've made it available for download from the Web site.  Definitely worth checking out.



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  1. dmurillo says:


    Sorry for a stupid question (I’m unable to try it nos but will when I get home):

    Will this add-in work on the 64-bit edition of Vista, XP or Server 2003 ?



  2. MSDNMagazine says:

    Hi DM-

    Honestly, I’m not sure; I’ve never tried.  If it doesn’t and if you figure out why, please post the answer so that other folks can benefit from your findings.  Better yet, if it doesn’t, let Sergey know and hopefully he can provide a fixed version.  Then again, it might work great… let us know that, too 😉



  3. dmurillo says:


    It works…!!!

    Sergey did a fine job!

    I was kind of disappointed when the first version came out because it did work on my 64-bit XP (but at the time I didn’t have enough knowledge to even try to find why?).

    This time, on 64-bit Vista it all worked okay, the only thing I changed is the location of the binaries to "C:Program Files (x86)WDSAddIn" where all 32-bit executables should be.

    Thank you very much!


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