TechEd 2007 Talks

Joshua Hoffman, my counterpart over at TechNet Magazine, posted today about some of our TechEd 2007 plans.  He and I will be doing several lunchtime sessions on how to go about writing for and getting published in MSDN Magazine and TechNet Magazine.  If you'll be at the conference, I definitely encourage you to come to the talks.  Please comment on this post to let us know the types of things you'd be interested in hearing about; knowing specifically what you're interested in will help us to tune the presentations appropriately in order to provide you with more of what you actually need.  Of course, as Josh wrote, even if you can't make it, we'd still like to know what you're interested in, as we'll be translating those sessions into more blog postings, so you'll get your answers even if you aren't able to join us in sunny Orlando, FL.


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