Getting Images Out

Our art & production team for MSDN Magazine has a request for authors that when submitting articles, images be sent along as a separate image files rather than being embedded in Word documents.  Unfortunately, sometimes authors forget.  Extracting images from Word documents could be quite tricky in previous versions, but with Word 2007 and the new .docx file format, it's amazingly straightforward. As discussed, here, here, and here, .docx files are actually ZIP files.  You can change the file extension from .docx to .zip, and then browse into it right within the shell.  When you open up a Word document this way, you'll see several folders inside, one of which is named "word".  Inside that folder, you'll find a folder named "media".  And inside there, you'll find all of the images used in the article.  Simply drag-and-drop them out of the ZIP to wherever you need them.  Pretty neat, right?


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  1. I mentioned previously how we frequently need to extract images from articles submitted to MSDN Magazine

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