Linking to magazine content

Want to take MSDN Magazine articles from our Web site with you on the go?  Want to email articles to friends, digg articles, or add article links to your Live Spaces blog?  When you're reading an article on the site, look in the upper right corner of the piece... you'll see a series of icons that looks like this:

Hovering over the icons will open a menu of options that allows you to interact easily with the content.


Comments (2)

  1. Peter Ritchie says:

    Seems odd that I can’t just click the first printer icon to print, I have to hover over the first to get a drop down (which I assumed would only show if I click "more…", which no seems redundant) and then click an identical icon that doesn’t do the same thing as the first.

  2. MSDNMagazine says:

    Hey Peter- That’s a good suggestion! The "more…" is the way it is based on testing, but I like your suggestion for the horizontal icons doing what their drop-down counterparts do.  We’ll see about getting that changed soon.  And if you have any more suggestions about how we can improve the site, we’d love to hear them! -Stephen

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