The MSDN Magazine programming haiku challenge!

It's a gray, rainy day here on the East Coast, and developmental editor Nancy Michell suggested some programming poetry to liven things up.

The rules are simple: just reply to this with your best 5-7-5 programming haiku. We'll even give you two to get started. This first one is titled "C#":

Just like C plus plus
With garbage collection and
Some more dot net stuff

We're also good with more general development haiku. This one is called "Deadline":

Damn damn damn damn damn
Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn
Why won’t you compile?

So during your next Jolt break, show us what you've got!

Comments (10)

  1. Kevin Daly says:

    Inherited code

    All variables global

    Debugging futile

  2. Amy Filbin says:

    C sharp C plus plus

    chose one or just use VB

    C sharp C sharp C

  3. Mike Richter says:

    Without Some C#

    A developer is just

    Private static void

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    I do not write code

    But I am in awe of you

    MSDN rules!

  5. Michael McDargh says:

    snow now falls outside

    knowledge comes in these pages

    the code will compile

  6. C# mates VB

    Kin Kidnapped by C++

    Code Soap Opera

  7. Sharon Terdeman says:

    Ok, mine’s a limerick instead of haiku…

    The Copyedit Perspective

    MSDN, you definitely rule,

    Though I feel like I’m back in school

    Cause the language you use

    Serves just to confuse,

    But I know what I’m editing is cool!

  8. Tim Brooks says:

    Managed C plus plus,

    Your percents and carets ate

    My shiny pointers…..

  9. nancy says:

    C sharp, c sharp run

    C sharp catching a frisbee

    oh wait, that’s my dog

  10. mark r says:

    code some, refactor.

    compile and run unit tests,

    debug until green.

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