Around the World with ASP.NET AJAX Applications

You probably want your web apps to be used anywhere in the world. ASP.NET AJAX applications include a significant amount of client-side code, but this is not covered by the standard ASP.NET localization model. Is there a better way to localize you ASP.NET AJAX apps? In the January issue of MSDN Magazine, Guy Smith-Ferrier explains…


IIS 7.0 and the ASP.NET Integrated Pipeline

One of the coolest things about working at MSDN Magazine is the exposure I get to all the different technologies coming down the pipe from all over the company.  One of these that recently grabbed my attention was the set of enhancements that the IIS team has made in IIS 7.0 surrounding the "Integrated Pipeline". …


January 2008 MSDN Magazine now online

The January 2008 issue of MSDN Magazine is now available online at The January issue features a focus on Web-related development technologies. Mike Volodarsky starts us out with a look at the IIS 7.0 ASP.NET Integrated pipeline. Guy Smith-Ferrier explains the localization and globalization models for ASP.NET AJAX applications. And Justin Smith explains some…


Authenticate Users Across Organizations Using ADFS

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) was introduced in Windows Server 2003 for organizations that need to participate in standards-based identity federation. With ADFS, you can more easily validate identity data from other organizations, leading to greater interoperability with your partners. In the December issue of MSDN Magazine, Jack Couch takes you on a guided tour…


Windows With C++: Windows Template Library 8.0

The Visual C++ team developed the Active Template Library (ATL) to allow COM clients and servers to be easily created while producing the smallest and fastest code possible. Windows Template Library (WTL) extends ATL with a very rich set of class templates for building applications as simple or as complex as you can imagine. In…


"CLR Inside Out" Needs Your Ideas

One of the benefits that we at MSDN Magazine are proud to be able to offer readers is access to many of the actual product groups at Microsoft.  For those of you who read the magazine, you know that we run a column called CLR Inside Out – the column is authored by the product…


Mainframe Interop With BizTalk Adapters and the .NET Framework

You might be surprised to know that COBOL is still a common language for business apps. According to a 2001 Gartner report on enterprise programming language adoption, more than 60 percent of the businesses surveyed still used COBOL. Almost every major industry relies on COBOL. In the December issue of MSDN Magazine, Bashar “Bash” Badawi…


Extending Windows PowerShell with Custom Cmdlets

You probably already know that Windows PowerShell is a powerful and flexible tool. You may not know, however, that you can easily extend Windows PowerShell by writing your own custom cmdlets. In the December issue of MSDN Magazine, Jim Truher shows you how to create your own cmdlets that allow you to interact with IsolatedStorage….


.NET Matters: IFileOperation in Windows Vista

Say you’d like to execute a bunch of file operations as a batch. You’d like some extra doo-dads like a standard Windows progress bar for the operation. What’s the best way to approach this problem? In the December issue of MSDN Magazine, Stephen Toub demonstrates how you can use SHFileOperation to get some of this…


Build Office-Based Solutions Using WPF, WCF, And LINQ

With Visual Studio 2008, you can build a solution that incorporates the native capabilities of an Office client application combined with the sophisticated UI capabilities of Windows Presentation Foundation that’s connected to remote data and services via Windows Communication Foundation and uses the rabid development features of LINQ to manipulate that data. In the December…