Build Custom Activities To Extend The Reach Of Your Workflows

Windows Workflow Foundation is a very cool and useful addition to the .NET Framework.  Interested in learning more about writing custom activities for WF?  Check out Matt Milner’s article in the December 2006 issue of MSDN Magazine.  Note, too, that as part of our new Foundations column we’ve started with the January 2007 issue of MSDN…


Inside Diagnostic Tools for .NET

In his December 2006 MSDN Magazine article, Jonathan Keljo from the CLR team at Microsoft takes a high-level look at the types of tools that can be written using the CLR Profiling API.  It’s a great overview:


MSDN Magazine December 2006 now available online

The December 2006 issue of MSDN Magazine is now available online!  Check it out. For mobility, long-time author Paul Yao dives into Windows Embedded CE 6.0, and Rob Pierry is back showing you how to write apps for mobile devices to provide imaging functionality, including taking pictures with the device’s camera and emailing them through…

Harness The Power Of P2P Communication In Windows Vista And WCF

For those of you who haven’t heard, Windows Vista released to manufacturing (RTM’d) last week!  And just prior to Vista, the .NET Framework 3.0 also RTM’d.  We’ve been covering Windows Vista and .NET Framework 3.0 development in MSDN Magazine for a while now, but now that the they’re released, you can expect much more in-depth…

What You Need To Know About Using Office As A Development Platform

The Microsoft Office 2007 system RTM’d yesterday!  Very exciting for end users and developers alike.  To go along with that release, check out Andrew Whitechapel and John Peltonen’s article in the August 2006 issue of MSDN Magazine, Business Apps: What You Need To Know About Using Office As A Development Platform.


Are you at DevConnections? We are!

Are you at DevConnections in Las Vegas this week?  We are.  MSDN Magazine editors Joshua Trupin and Stephen Toub are at the conference this week, so if you see them, say hi (they promise not to bite).  Josh is giving a talk on writing for technical publications (MSDN Magazine, in particular), and Steve is giving several talks,…


Understand the Impact of Low-Lock Techniques in Multithreaded Apps

In the October 2005 issue of MSDN Magazine, Vance Morrison (now the performance architect on the CLR team) wrote an Editor’s Choice worthy article, Memory Models: Understand the Impact of Low-Lock Techniques in Multithreaded Apps.  In his own words, his intent with the article was “not to encourage the use of low-lock techniques, but rather…


Software Testing Paradoxes

Sometimes we all need a break from hardcore development articles. In his December 2005 Test Run column in MSDN Magazine, James McCaffrey provides just that. In the first part of this column, I explain Simpson’s Paradox. This is the situation when Software System A is worse in every area of comparison than Software System B,…


Volatile Resource Managers in .NET Bring Transactions to the Common Type

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could use transactions to roll back changes you’ve made to standard data structures like lists and arrays?  You can!  In the December 2005 issue of MSDN Magazine, Juval Lowy has a terrific article on implementing volatile resource managers for the .NET Framework 2.0: Can’t Commit? Volatile Resource Managers in…