Legal Doesn’t Think The Way You Do

Don McGowan is a lawyer at Microsoft in the entertanment division.  In a Channel 9 intervew from several months ago, he provides a fascinating look into the world of law in the software industry.  Howevever, Don also penned a really interesting column for MSDN Magazine back in our March 2006 issue: {End Bracket}: Legal Doesn’t Think the Way You Do

If you develop software for a large company, you've undoubtedly experienced the joys of dealing with "Legal." The meetings, the endless explanations, the long waits. I'm here to report from the other side. No, I'm not going to apologize or make excuses either for myself or my colleagues, but if I tell you what's in our heads, maybe you can address some issues in advance, and maybe you can avoid dealing with us at all.

We got a nice comment on the article from Simone at Concordia University: "It's hard to imagine both Legal and IT content to be funny and a joy to read. I don't ever think I've laughed this hard while at the same time getting informed. I look forward to more articles written by Don McGowan."

Note that Don's also written for TechNet Magazine.  Check out his article Legal Briefs: Breach Notification Laws.

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