Community Goodies: Silverlight for PC

  Tools and Enviroment Enviroment Visual Studio 2008 Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Visual Studio 2010 Expression Studio 3 Expression Blend 4 RC Tools Silverlight Toolkit Silverlight3 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Silverlight4 Tools RC2 for Visual Studio 2010 WCF RIA RC2 WCF RIA Services Toolkit WCF RIA Hotfix(For WCF RIA Beta) Features Application and…


MFC Getting started

Prerequisites Prerequisites for Learning MFC Among the important assumptions made by the MFC documentation are that: · You already know a little about programming for Windows. · You know the basics of programming in C++. · You understand the fundamentals of object-oriented programming. Introduction MFC is a SDK interface (wrapper) only, consisting in a…


Visual Studio Setup and Installation

System Requirement .NET Framework .NET Framework System Requirements Visual Studio .NET Visual Studio .NET System Requirements Visual Studio 2005 Visual Studio 2005 System Requirements Visual Studio 2005 Team System Requirements Visual Studio 2008 Visual Studio 2008 System Requirements See the readme file in the root directory of the Visual Studio…


Three ways to debug CLR Stored Procedures

According to the different format of you stored procedures, generally, there are three ways to debug a stored procedure. Here is an example of how to implement that. Before debugging a stored procedure, you need to establish a connection   to database in Visual Studio Server Explorer: Right click Data Connection and select Add connection. Input…


Interop with Native C++

  Introduction While you can write applications entirely in either managed or native code, it is possible to mix managed and native projects in the same solution. So this article lists the methods about interop with native C++. Invoke .NET Assembly from Native C++ Code 1. Hosting API. Native VC++ module calls CLR Hosting APIs…


Community Goodies: N-Tier Application Patterns in Entity Framework

  MSDN Magazine articles: The Entity Framework In Layered Architectures Anti-Patterns To Avoid In N-Tier Applications Entity Framework: N-Tier Application Patterns Building N-Tier Apps with EF4 Entity Framework 4.0 and WCF Data Services 4.0 in Visual Studio 2010 Entity Framework Design blog: Self-Tracking Entities in the Entity Framework N-Tier…


Lazy Loading in Entity Framework 4

Like the debate for FK Association, many customers persist that Lazy Loading should be a necessity for an ORM like EF, while others believe it is evil. Also in EFv1, Lazy Loading is not available. Fortunately, thanks to EF team’s effort again, Lazy Loading becomes the default option in EF4, as we already have in…


Use CLR4 Hosting API to invoke .NET assembly from native C++

  The Common Language Runtime (CLR) allows a level of integration between itself and a host. This article is about a C++ code sample that demonstrates using the Hosting Interfaces of .NET Framework 4.0 to host a specific version of CLR in the process, load a .NET assembly, and invoke the types in the assembly….


How to use TraceListeners in our program

In proactive programming, you need to configure your TraceListeners in your App.Config file or Web.Config file. By default, Microsoft .NET provides several listeners containing DefaultTraceListener, TextWriterTraceListener, EventLogTraceListener, XmlTraceListener , ConsoleTraceListener, and DelimitedListTraceListener. However, we could create our own custom listeners because those listeners from BCL are not sealed. Before we do that, I wanted to…


Weekly Useful Links 6/27/2010

We share useful links in Twitter. Vivian Chen Focus in Visual Studio Setup  ,  5 Star Contributor at forum   • Video: Sara Ford’s 101 Visual Studio Tips in 55 minutes! #VS #IDE #Tip #SaraFord ^YC   • KB: List of error codes and error messages for Windows Installer processes #WindowsInstaller #ErrorCode ^YC   • Blog: Getting started using…