Weekly community useful links 4/28/2010

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Jialiang Ge focusing on CLR3 Star Contributor at forum

  • #Sample KB: How to upload and to display images in an ASP.NET FormView control http://bit.ly/955GAj #ASP.NET ^JLG

  • #Sample KB: How to work with text in Silverlight 3 http://bit.ly/b2DodW #Silverlight ^JLG

  • #Sample KB: How to use LINQ to XML to create and to query an XML document http://bit.ly/9pnvWP #LINQ ^JLG

  • #Sample KB: How to self-elevate an application to a high privilege level under UAC http://bit.ly/cddV7v #Security #UAC ^JLG

  • Microsoft Software Licensing and Protection (SLP) Services http://bit.ly/byjVQ7 #SLP ^JLG

  • #Article: C++ for Kernel Mode Drivers: Pros and Cons http://bit.ly/9gfSXA #Driver ^JLG

Jie Wang WPF expert4 Star Contributor at forum

  • KB: Guidelines for troubleshooting graphic issues in WPF applications http://bit.ly/c7wlwa #WPF ^JW

  • Not in MSDN Document: What are the prerequisites for WPF TextBox/RichTextBox spell check? http://bit.ly/aHd39F #WPF ^JW

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