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Tutorials & Articles

ADO.NET Entity Framework At-a-Glance (Level 100)

General introduction of the main features of the Entity Framework including a preview of upcoming features in .NET 4.

Introducing the Entity Framework (Level 200)

A short technical overview of the Entity Framework

Next-Generation Data Access: Making the Conceptual Level Real (Level 200)

Eliminate the impedance mismatch for both applications and data services like reporting, analysis, and replication offered as part of the SQL Server product by raising the level of abstraction from the logical (relational) level to the conceptual (entity) level

Achieve Flexible Data Modeling with the Entity Framework (Level 300)

A MSDN Magazine article introducing the philosophy behind the Entity Framework, the Entity Data Model, and Object-Relational Mapping

Product Documentation

ADO.NET Entity Framework Documentation

The root page of Entity Framework documentation on MSDN Library

Feature Reference (Entity Framework)

The detailed documentation of the primary features of the Entity Framework

Entity Framework Terminology

Terms frequently referenced in Entity Framework documentation


Programming Entity Framework

By Julie Lerman

Programming the Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework

By David Sceppa

ADO.NET Entity Framework Unleashed

By Craig Lee

Entity Framework Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

By Larry Tenny, Zeeshan Hirani


Blogs from the EF team:


EF Design:





Blogs from MVPs and other EF experts:

Beth Massi:

Gil Fink:

Julie Lerman:

Muhammad Mosa:

Zeeshan Hirani:


Getting Started Videos

How Do I: Get Started with the EDM Wizard? (Level 100-200  04:01)

How Do I: Get Started with the Entity Framework? (Level 100-200  09:21)

How Do I: Learn to use LINQ to Entities? (Level 200-300  10:24)

How Do I: Use the Entity Framework and LINQ to Entities for Query and Update? (Level 300  11:44)

How Do I: Use the Entity Data Source in ASP.NET applications? (Level 300  11:31)

Using Entity Framework in WPF Applications

How Do I: Get Started with Entity Framework in WPF Applications? (Level 300  17:33)

How Do I: Build a WPF Data Entry Form using Entity Framework? (Level 300  24:42)

How Do I: Create a WPF Lookup ComboBox using Entity Framework? (Level 300  24:27)

How Do I: Hook Up and Display Validation in WPF using Entity Framework? (Level 300  29:41)

How Do I: Build a WPF Master-Detail Data Entry Form using Entity Framework? (Level 300  36:20)

Practical Entity Framework for C#

1 | Explore Entity Framework (11:52)

2 | Complied Queries in Entity Framework (06:16)

3 | Entity Framework for ASP.NET (12:08)

4 | Stored Procedures in Entity Framework (07:52)

5 | Paging (11:52)

Specific Topics

How Do I: Use Stored Procedures in the Entity Framework? (Level 300  10:00)

How Do I: Serialize a Graph with the Entity Framework? (Level 300  04:37)

How Do I: Model Table-per-Type Inheritance with the Entity Framework Tools? (Level 300-400  05:10)

How Do I: Model Table-per-Hierarchy Inheritance with the Entity Framework Tools? (Level 300-400  07:43)


Entity Framework Documentation Samples for Visual Studio 2008 on MSDN Code Gallery

Samples (Entity Framework) on MSDN Library

All-In-One Code Framework data access samples on CodePlex


Entity Data Model Tools

ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer Extension Starter Kit

Entity Designer Database Generation Power Pack


Additional Resources

Entity Framework FAQ

ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ to Entities forum

Entity Framework Learning Guide (by Zeeshan Hirani)

ADO.NET Entity Framework/Entity Data Model Questions and Answers

Hands-on-Lab:  Using the Entity Framework in .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit

.NET Framework 3.5 Enhancements Training Kit


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