Introduction to Windows 8 – 25. – 27. Februar 2013



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Microsoft Windows 8 is a complete re-imagining of the Windows platform. With a new runtime environment, known as WinRT, and with a complete overhaul of the UI paradigm, Windows 8 represents one of the biggest shifts in Windows programming since the move to Win32.And with support for a plethora of languages and approaches, it's important to get things right straight out of the box.


What is the Metro design language, why should I care about it, and how do I write applications that conform to it?

How do I build great Metro-style applications using C#, XAML, and .NET 4.5?

How do I manage the different forms of user input, such as touch, on-screen (and physical) keyboard and the more tradition stylus and mouse?

How do I use the various contracts and charms to support searching and sharing of data?

How do I manage the application lifetime, handle sessions and persist settings?

How do I work with the new controls, layout templates and animation features to make a great Metro-style application?

How do I integrate my application with the cloud and other network sources?

How do I create a great live tile for my application, with notification support?

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