Imagine Cup 2012 Promotion Update


Dutch Academic Market

As part of the promotion of the Imagine Cup 2012 technology competiton among the Dutch academic audience we targeted a large number of potential participants at various events in the field. By giving the students detailed information about the different challenges and competitions in combination with their current curriculum we got them enthusiastic to compete and enroll for one or more of the IC2012 competitions. This resulted in several teams participating in Software Design, Game Design, Kinect Fun Labs Challenge and the Windows Phone Challenge. We promoted the Imagine Cup at:

Hogeschool Rotterdam

App Development Course: In cooperation with one of the software development teachers of the Hogeschool Rotterdam we integrated the participation of Imagine Cup within the curriculum of the students who are all developing mobile applications for Windows Phone 7.5 in four person teams. We were present during the kick-off of their two-semester project in which Imagine Cup is going to take a major role!

TechDays 2012

Over 400 students attended the national TechDays 2012 this year at the World Forum, the Hague. We were present during the three day event with a dedicated Imagine Cup stand where students could get information about the different competitions and challenges as well as enroll on the spot. Especially during the last two (developer oriented) days a lot of students popped by the stand to ask for additional information about Imagine Cup.

Hogeschool Zeeland

As part of a new test-based software design course we attended the kick-off of a new semester in app design at the Hogeschool Zeeland on March 5th. We gave the students detailed information about Imagine Cup, how they could participate, what would be required of them and most importantly: what they could gain from it. A number of students were very enthusiastic and were excited that parcitipation in Imagine Cup could be integrated very easily in the work they already had to perform as part of their school course.

Hogeschool Windesheim

App development event: During a three hour event we challenged students to create their own WP7.5 based app. Obviously, we also informed them about how easy it would be to transform their ideas into a potential Imagine Cup concept which would be suitable to fit within the Millennium Goals of the United Nations (IC2012 Theme). The students performed very well building apps in this limited amount of time and were enthusiastic about Imagine Cup as well. Two teams gave commitment to Imagine Cup on the spot!

Inhouse event TiU

Students from the Tilburg University studying informatics visited our headquarters on March 6th. We gave them an interesting lecture about both the "New Way of Work" as well as Imagine Cup and Dreamspark. A lot of the students already had experience in app-development and were excited to hear that they could win a trip to Australia by participating in the Imagine Cup this year.

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Met dank aan Brian Hewitt,Academic Program Manager Microsoft Nederland.

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