Quick reference guide for .NET regular expressions

I don't know about you, but I use regular expressions just enough to be dangerous.

By that I mean that I don't use regular expressions very often and so I often get them wrong. When I want to write a complex regex, I find myself consulting the docs extensively and/or using a regex validation tool to figure out how to write the regex I need to get the results I want.

To help me (and developers like me), my teammates put together this handy downloadable guide to .NET regular expressions. You can download the guide as a .pdf or a .doc and it’s in brochure format. The idea is that you can either save the file to your computer, or if you want to print it out, you can fold it into a neat brochure. You can see a snippet of the brochure below:


This brochure format is something new we're exploring and we'd love to hear what you think. However, we mostly hope you will find this useful when you are writing regular expressions.

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