Now available: Weathr for Windows 8.1 (C++, DirectX, & XAML)

Looking to use C++ and DirectX to differentiate your Windows Store app? Check out Weathr for Windows 8.1!

Here’s a 5-minute video tour of what the app does.




This sample shows off tons of C++ and Windows 8.1 goodness, such as how to:

  • combine C++, C++/CX, XAML, and DirectX.
  • perform work in the background to keep your app running smoothly.
  • render 3D content from the app on the live tile and other places in the app.
  • use secondary tiles.
  • use pixel shaders to create effects that run on both Intel and ARM-based devices.
  • work with app bars.
  • work with the GestureRecognizer.
  • use Semantic Zoom.
  • use the Search contract.
  • download and cache images for later use.
  • use the Settings flyout.
  • create a basic logger to display diagnostic messages on the UI.

I'm working to add more detailed info about how the app works in the Documentation area. Be sure to check back for the latest updates. 

There’s also plenty of opportunity to improve the app and add features. Check out the Issues tab for some starter ideas.

Whether you're an established DirectX programmer or a C# and XAML developer interested in learning how to leverage the power of C++ and DirectX to differentiate your app, I hope you find this project useful. I look forward to hearing your feedback in the Discussions area.

Happy coding! 




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