Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 – Versions

I always try to make my posts as clear as possible. Right now I really have even a greater reason to be more clear since I don’t want to end up being quoted by Mary Jo Foley and call my post funny and confusing as she did with Ben’s post on the whole NDA thing….


EMEA Convergence 2007 in Denmark

I just got reminded with an email that the EMEA Convergence is only 4 weeks away and this means it will be here before you know it!  The event will be held October 23-25 in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Bella Center. Convergence is the premier Microsoft Dynamics event, bringing customers, partners, team members and industry…

Sales Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We are into the new fiscal year and we want to empower all our Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners to maintain a healthy and balanced pipeline. Mark Krinhop is presenting a level 100 Live Web Seminar about Sales Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a Dynamics partner readiness event, on September 19th.  Please follow the hyperlink for the agenda…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 VPC (Extended May 2006 Edition)

Just a quick post about the fact that we finally managed to post the Extended May 2006 image on our download site. The image will now expire on 06/30/2008. I believe that all of the existing differencing disks should work, if that is not the case please let me know via the comments. Download it here:…


2007 CRM Market Leader Awards Go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Today we received a nice award! CRM Magazine recognizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a “Leader” in small business and midmarket categories; Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer Roland DGA earns Elite Award; Brad Wilson again named as top CRM executive. Read more here: Releases or here More information about CRM Magazine and the Market Awards can be…

Microsoft Dynamics CRM VPC – Client toggle

As some of you might know it is possible to switch between the two Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients. I used the information that Aaron Elder shared some time ago on his blog. On the August 2007 VPC you can change the Microsoft CRM Desktop Client into a Microsoft CRM Laptop Client by going to C:\CRM…


Download the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 client!

Lately I have been doing a lot of demo’s and for this, I am using the new and improved Office Live Meeting 2007 Client. If you want to experience a better Live Meeting experience I strongly encourage you to download and upgrade! You can download the client here: Troubleshooting tip!Unable to join the meeting? Launch the…


Java, Jscript, JavaScript ….

Although I am Dutch….I am not talking about coffee! I am talking about the fact that customers and partners keep asking me what Jscript or Javascript is. The majority even thinks its the same or sometimes worse, they think it is just another word for Java. I hope you will enjoy reading this blogpost done…

Vertical Templates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As you know we announced some very nice things at the WPC in Denver last month. One the things beside pricing was that we were going to release vertical templates to be used for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Well today is the day that we have released two Microsoft Dynamics CRM vertical templates; manufacturing and municipal government….


Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM Marketplace

There already have been a lot of articles written about the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketplace; an on-demand marketplace for partners to showcase their company, applications and solutions. Some of them are comparing it to AppExchange, I certainly will not compare it with that… I bumped into an eWeek article on David McDonald’s blog which can be read here: and I…