My last post!

Don’t let the title confuse you, it’s only my last post here at MSDN! As most of you know, I’ve been blogging on MSDN since 19 December 2005! It is time to move on… I made the decision to move my blogging addiction to my very own domain. On the new location you can continue…


Available: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Pricing and Licensing Overview

I know you have been waiting for this information! Log in to ParterSource and download the pricing information of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. In the Zip file you will find a PowerPoint that provides an overview of the licensing structure and options for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.  Topics covered include user and external connector licenses,…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 – Versions

I always try to make my posts as clear as possible. Right now I really have even a greater reason to be more clear since I don’t want to end up being quoted by Mary Jo Foley and call my post funny and confusing as she did with Ben’s post on the whole NDA thing….


Sales Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We are into the new fiscal year and we want to empower all our Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners to maintain a healthy and balanced pipeline. Mark Krinhop is presenting a level 100 Live Web Seminar about Sales Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a Dynamics partner readiness event, on September 19th.  Please follow the hyperlink for the agenda…


Microsoft CRM Live announcement at WWPC 2007

I bet you already have read several web sites and blogs with the great news, but I still wanted to share it with you guys via my own blog. In March I had a similar posting coming from Convergence: Microsoft’s CRM strategy is to deliver the “Power of Choice” to customers and partners.  Microsoft gives customers a…


Repeat: External Connector License

The Microsoft CRM External Connector is nothing more than a license and is NOT a product or a tool that needs to be installed. I have blogged about the External in the past and I just wanted to do a follow-up post, since there is still a lot of confusion going on. Please read my previous…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a Small Business Server 2003…

Just a quick blog (copy and paste) about what is allowed regarding the installation of Microsoft Dynamics 3.0 Small Business Edition on a Small Business Server 2003. Microsoft CRM 3.0 SBE can be installed on a SBS 2003 Premium server (all in one box) Microsoft CRM 3.0 SBE can be installed on a SBS 2003…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Vista and Office 2007

ICU MSCRM and Sonoma Partners made a nice post about our compatibility release with Office 2007 and Vista. Those blogpostings triggered me to blog as well about our soon to be released optimized “update” for Vista and Office 2007.The new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, compatible with the 2007 Office release and Windows Vista, enables…


Microsoft CRM 3.0 90-Day Trial Versions updated

The CRM Server CD image on the 90-Day Trial download from has been updated with a new Server CD image that is now compatible with the R2 release of Windows Small Business Server for the following languages: German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish. Remaining languages will follow soon.The link to the 90-Day Trial is here:


Microsoft CRM on Dynamics Price Lists!

I thought this announcement would come later, but I happen to get this via email from a co-worker.Beginning December 4, 2006, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be available from the Microsoft Dynamics Price Lists. This includes both Business Ready Licensing (BRL) and Modular Based Licensing and will affect partners that sell licenses of Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP,…