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I just got spammed with an email announcing a new web site with a searchable catalog of Microsoft Dynamics add-ons, complete with ratings and comments. 

Each Dynamics product has their own section. It's clearly work in progress, but after only been up a month, the site already has over 200 ISV’s showing their offerings!  I hope to see that this site will grow over time with tons of more add-ons for each of our Dynamics products. Visit and let me know what you think of it!

If I was an ISV I want to get my product listed here, so register yourself!

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  1. Sanne says:


    It is a nice site with add-ons. But to be honest, lists a lot more add-ons.

  2. renatorock says:

    Hi, i don’t know if you aor someone can help me.

    I’m trying to watch a stream video online (ad es Netflix) and IE8 tells me no add-ons are available, and still that i have to go and manage it all by myself.

    Ok, I go, and what happens ? N O T H I N G !!!

    the same message coming again and again, even if i restart the computer after addins them, before adding them, in between adding them…

    It’s really annoying…

    thank you,


  3. Rhiane says:


    I am trying to find an addon for CRM 2011 where you can link excel templates to CRM to create Orders, in a similar way to the many Word Mail merge add ons that there are.  Does anyone know of anything that might do the trick?


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