Training: Demo2Win Workshop for Microsoft Dynamics Partners

It doesn't matter if you're either in Pre-Sales, Sales, are beginner or a veteran this is training you really should attend. I personally sat through this training, after reading the book "Demonstrating to Win!", and boy let me tell you, this was a training I actually did not fall asleep or opened up my laptop and started working on email.

The goal of this workshop is simple: deliver a practical, proven set of skills, tools and procedures that you can immediately put to use to improve your demo-to-win ratio.

We still have availability for our NorCal Partners that would like to attend this workshop in either San Francisco or Mountain View.

You can read and register here:

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  1. Oier says:


    I’ve been following you for several months, and I have to say thanks for your work in this blog.

    I’m working for a MS partner in Spain and I would like to ask you if this type of Trining is available in Europe.

    Thanks again!

  2. mennotk says:

    Hi Oier, thanks for the compliment! I have heard that this training will be coming to Germany. I am not sure if other countries will get it. I will update as soon as I know more.

  3. o.marigil says:

    Ok. Many thanks for your answer!

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