Vertical Templates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As you know we announced some very nice things at the WPC in Denver last month. One the things beside pricing was that we were going to release vertical templates to be used for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Well today is the day that we have released two Microsoft Dynamics CRM vertical templates; manufacturing and municipal government.

These templates include data models, user interfaces, user roles and workflows that showcase how Microsoft Dynamics CRM is relevant to customers in these industries. 

Microsoft field marketing and partner communities should utilize these templates for demonstration purposes and as well as to expand and enhance vertical focuses.

Each vertical template includes the following materials:

  • README File

  • CRM Configuration XML Files

  • Workflows

  • User Roles

  • Demo Data

  • Demo Script

These templates are designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 today and will be updated for the upcoming release at the end of the calendar year.

The downloads are offered at no charge to partners and customers via Microsoft’s shared source initiative at

Drop me a comment to tell me which vertical should be next. I will make sure to bring that message across.

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  1. Return Of The Mack… Firstly let me appologise for my four month absence, I do have some good reasons

  2. Andy says:

    The vertical templates haven’t been functional for my company. We’ve used quite a few hours trying to get them uploaded properly, and we’ve gotten to the point of uploading the XML customizations. It hangs forever, whether you try to do the whole thing or just one of them. Is this an error, or are there any known issues that occur at the upload process? Thanks,


  3. mennotk says:

    Andy, you might want to read this post: since I am assuming you are trying to upload the customizations with IE7.

  4. Andy says:

    Thanks, mennotk, that was exactly the problem we were having. Thanks for the guidance.

  5. Maged Assabri says:

    It will be nice to have one for Automotive.

  6. Great Blog, I am the Executive Sponsor for a CRM 4 upgrade. Our firm places contractors across NA in IT and Finance. We also do permanent staffing. I am working towards a complete solution with sharepoint, sql server, document parsing etc. Templates would be great. We service a 7 billion dollar market in Camada and it has to be 10 or 20 times bigger in the US.


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