It’s my birthday!

Yes, today is the day I am turning 30 years old. Did you know that August 27 is the 239th day of the year (240th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar? There are 126 days remaining…. Presents are always welcome…


I got lifecasted!

Lifecasted?! Maybe I invented a new word…anyway’s …what’s lifecasting you might think? Well lifecasting is when somebody is using a portable camera to broadcast their activities over the Internet 24 hours a day. Justin,, started lifecasting on March 19, 2007 and got a lot of attention by the media., founded in San Francisco by Justin Kan, is currently…



Ever wondered why you don’t see certain fields in Advanced Find? I didn’t realize this was happening until I got a question about it via a Partner. To test this I started my brand new image, opened Advanced Find and tried to search on Business Type. As you can see in the screen shot below, it is not showing up…


A dwarf and a vacuum cleaner

What do you get when you mix a dwarf and a vacuum cleaner?


Download the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 client!

Lately I have been doing a lot of demo’s and for this, I am using the new and improved Office Live Meeting 2007 Client. If you want to experience a better Live Meeting experience I strongly encourage you to download and upgrade! You can download the client here: Troubleshooting tip!Unable to join the meeting? Launch the…


Something to think about on your Sunday evening!

I was reading Philip’s blog entry and 100% agreed. Not sure if it matters that I am Dutch and have seen many parts of the world….go read yourself and especially read Philip’s last sentence out loud! I really would like to see the U.S. adopt the European system of paying wait staff living wages…



Totally off-topic, but $2.94 for a gallon of fuel! I was and still am shocked…never seen the fuel price below $3.19 since I arrived in San Francisco.


RELEASED: Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Service Provider Edition

Copy and Pasta from my inbox. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sustained Engineering team has released Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Service Provider Edition via the Microsoft Download Center. Download Center page: Microsoft Knowledge Base article: (includes the fixlist) Languages released: Dutch Italian English Danish French German Spanish (Traditional Sort) NOTES: Update…


Released: Microsoft Dynamics CRM VPC – August 2007 Edition

YES! YES! YES! Over the past few days I have worked closely on the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM VPC together with Ned Kandzor. As of today, everybody can finally download the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM – August 2007 VPC. You can download it here: Note: Almost two months ago, yes I know, I wrote…


Java, Jscript, JavaScript ….

Although I am Dutch….I am not talking about coffee! I am talking about the fact that customers and partners keep asking me what Jscript or Javascript is. The majority even thinks its the same or sometimes worse, they think it is just another word for Java. I hope you will enjoy reading this blogpost done…