It was too good to be true….right?

I was reading today’s USA Today and It turns out that Apple’s much-ballyhooed iPhone wasn’t as big a seller as projected….Read more here:


Microsoft has released Update Rollup 1 (Japanese and Simplified Chinese language versions)

Since I speak more than one language, I always try to publish new items regarding other languages than English. I made an attempt to write the headline in either Chinese or Japanese but didn’t succeed. Drop me a comment how to announce it in either Chinese or Japanese! Microsoft has released Update Rollup 1 (Japanese and…


Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM Marketplace

There already have been a lot of articles written about the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketplace; an on-demand marketplace for partners to showcase their company, applications and solutions. Some of them are comparing it to AppExchange, I certainly will not compare it with that… I bumped into an eWeek article on David McDonald’s blog which can be read here: and I…


Bill Gates Rulez!

As you know I was attending WPC 2007 and on my way out of Denver I took a funny picture. It seems not only hotels, taxis and restaurants were happy with the amount of people that were attending WWPC…. Click the picture for a larger view!


Microsoft CRM Live announcement at WWPC 2007

I bet you already have read several web sites and blogs with the great news, but I still wanted to share it with you guys via my own blog. In March I had a similar posting coming from Convergence: Microsoft’s CRM strategy is to deliver the “Power of Choice” to customers and partners.  Microsoft gives customers a…


Old Microsoft Dynamics CRM VPC (Update 2)

Guys, just a quick post regarding the availability of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM May VPC. We ran into some issues with the rar files when we extended the May VPC. Please don’t panic, the “old” VPC is still valid untill September 2007. You can easily check this your self by clicking START | RUN and type winver…


I love my Bus Stop!

As some of you know, I am from Enschede, an average town in the east of The Netherlands. So what does this have to do with a bus stop? Well, I was surprised when I saw a poster that really reminded me of home! Many people don’t know that we brew the best beer in the world, it is called Grolsch…