New Microsoft Dynamics CRM VPC (update)

I can now proudly announce that we will have the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM VPC available for download in a few days and as a bonus we decided to extend the current May VPC so our ISV's will have a little bit more time to create new DIF files and such. I hope to provide a download location ASAP. The VPC image when extracted is 7 GIG's and zipped it is only 2.2 GIG's.

As you can recall I asked for your input in one of my previous postings. Now what can you expect on the new image? Well due to the fact our fiscal year ends when also our image expires we had some challenges in getting the right people work on the image. This has resulted in a pretty slick, fast but "empty" image. We will create a differencing disk to have more funky stuff.

VPC Content
Windows 2003 Server R2 (SP2)
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Internet Explorer 7
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 (V3C and Rollup 2)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Laptop and Desktop Client
Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK (C:\CRM Tools\SDK)
Microsoft Dynamics Web Parts in http://intranet and http://extranet (not configured)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Windows Desktop Search 3.01
POP3 Services (No Exchange)

The installation is done as described in the implementation guide. Installation was done with an account called crmadmin with the well known password.

Organization name:Contoso
Installation directory: C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM
Web site: Setup will use Web site Microsoft CRM Web Site (/LM/W3SVC/53604108 :5555:)
Web site location: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\CRM
Reporting Services Report Server: Setup will connect to the existing Reporting Services Report Server
SQL server: DS-SRV-01
Organizational unit: CRM (OU=CRM,DC=contoso,DC=com)
Security account for Microsoft CRM services: NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE
Security account for the ASP.NET service: NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE
Incoming Microsoft Exchange server: Default
Outgoing SMTP server: Default

After installation I applied a host header, changed the default port to 80 and you can access Microsoft Dynamics CRM through http://crm

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 is provisioned with fresh sample data from the Sample Data wizard which you find on the CRM server disc. I migrated the existing CRM customizations, but fixed the quick create error. Also the workflow rules were migrated and fixed.

I managed to get some really cool examples in the image:

  • I installed the updated caching tool from Joris Kalz and I installed Joris's custom search tool that is embedded as a "custom search" within Microsoft Dynamics CRM but it's also added into the IE7 search providers list.
  • I loved Matt Wittemann's example on the CRM Team blog. This example is now embedded in the account entity with a new tab called documents. We customized it a little so it will create a folder when saving your account.
  • OpenXML..uh what is that? Well it is great way to create documents through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Something Michael Höhne showed on his blog. I embedded his example on the accounts, quote and invoice entities.

I want to thank Matt Wittemann, Michael Höhne and Joris Kalz for all their help and efforts. I want to thank Greg Nichols in providing me the IE7 patch, Michael Rich for doing the legal stuff and last but certainly not the least I want to thank Arleigh Taylor for providing a great base image and Ronald Beekelaar for optimizing it.

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  1. Nu är det inte långt kvar tills vi släpper en ny VPC !! Som ni säkert vet är den gamla på väg att gå

  2. Menno is reporting on his blog that the image is almost here. Michael is dropping it off with the legal

  3. Katrina Thompson says:

    Hey M,

    Any word on the exact release date?  I’m holding my breath!

  4. Looking forward to it Menno!


  5. TomHamilton says:

    Really looking forward to more integration with WSS/SPS and Outlook/Exchange

    Tom – Sacramento

  6. Robert Lusk says:

    Thanks for all of the work Menno.

  7. Siska Bossuyt says:

    Anything on BI , dashboards, performance point, … ? Would be sooooooo nice ….

    Tx for all the work !

  8. As I announced in my previous post , we would extend the "May 2006" Microsoft Dynamics CRM VPC. The screen

  9. Mario Raunig says:

    this is gonna be a major help. recently a new contoso image was released in german which is quite fast but doesn’t contain office and the client, so it’s not as useful as having an "all in 1" solution, such as yours. looking forward to the release….

  10. Joe says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering is the new virtual machine ready for download?



  11. rhuff says:

    Any news on when the new virtual machine will be ready?


  12. raybeste says:

    Any update on when this might be available would be very helpful.  The original post said ‘a few days’ and it’s now over a month later.  Is it hung up in legal or a technical problem or ???


  13. rhuff says:

    Still no word on my end.  I would really appreciate some news about the eventual availability.  I contact Microsoft support, but they haven’t been very helpful.

  14. bensonk2 says:

    Hello? I think I probably speak for quite a few others, some sort of an update on the status of the new CRM VPC would be greatly appreciated. (Good or Bad) Its been a month since anyone has said anything, and a month and a half since we were told that it would be a couple of days?

  15. Kobi says:

    It’s already August. I’m not downloading May VPC because I’ve been waiting for this one. The article author – please respond to the questions above.

  16. rhuff says:

    I am very disappointed about that lack of information being provided by Microsoft, and apparent supporters, on the status of the VPC.  Numerous questions have been either left unanswered, or provided vague answers.  If the VPC has been permanently removed, I would appreciate knowing so I can dismiss the Microsoft product from consideration.  It has been a month since I first asked about the status of the VPC.  Through a number of Microsoft CRM oriented blogs, and official Microsoft support, I have yet to hear a straight forward answer as to what is going on.

  17. mennotk says:

    Please be patienced. We have had some challenges with and around the new and the existing May VPC. We are currently working hard to address all these things.

    Some things are just beyond control.

  18. rhuff says:

    Thank you for the response.  Are there any other options besides doing an install from scratch?  I was piecing together all of the requirements individually to set up my own demo environment, but ran into pre-req after pre-req, and it just became too cumbersome and time consuming.

  19. Andracom says:

    I am still waiting… 😉

  20. Joel Mansford says:

    Any news yet?

  21. YES! YES! YES! Over the past few days I have worked closely on the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM VPC together

  22. It is here and here to stay! The Microsoft Dynamics CRM VPC August 2007 Edition

  23. Äntligen !! Detta har jag väntat på läääänge och det antar jag att ni har med… Den skall vara mindre

  24. raybeste says:

    You reference a fileviewer customization that would be on the new image but it doesn’t seem to be configured and before spending time trying to do so, is there something I’m missing?  I see a folder called filebrowser but there is no code on the onLoad of the form or any other reference to this I can see.

    The image itself looks outstanding and is VERY fast.  Thanks for putting this together!

  25. mennotk says:

    Hi Ray! You are correct, but due to issues in combination with MOSS 2007 we decided to disable it. Matt Wittemann hopefully wil fix it 🙂

  26. Wynand Roos says:

    This is an awesome install of CRM!!! I am worried though that I won’t be able to demo sending mail to a queue and the auto creation of incoming mail – any ideas?

  27. El del CRM says:

    En el blog de Menno me entero de que por fin ha sido publicada la nueva imagen de Virtual PC 2007 con

  28. Siska says:

    where can we download the VPC ?

  29. djoeg says:

    Hi Guys….Can someone advise on a technical question. not sure if its ment to be placed here…..Im trying out the new CRM VPC and want to make it viewable on a Terminal server session rather the the VM remote control window. The VM image has its own private IP range. Hense the problem.

  30. djoeg says:

    Ps. Im using Vitual server 2005 installed on a 2003 server and my other VM’s are accessed via TS. thanks  – Greg

  31. mennotk says:


    Change the IP to the range you want it to be. Make sure you go into Administrative tools/DNS and change the IP address for the hostheader "CRM" Now the CRM VPC should be accessible through the IP address your specified.

  32. Aimoosh says:

    We have installed the new image and everything seems to be working fine on the box.  We would like to connect to it as we would a ‘normal’ installation for testing purposes as we could with the old image.  Can you please tell us how we can do this?  


  33. JHuang says:

    After make few changes to the VPC, I was able to connect it with IE to the http://crm/loader.aspx page, and everything was fine for few weeks. Yesterday, I had

    Event ID 40960 and 40961 in my system event log (my client computer).

    "The Security System could not establish a secured connection with the server HTTP/crm.  No authentication protocol was available."

    After look it up on the internet, it has something to do with setting up a reverse lookup zone in the DNS.

    I tried to create one in the VPC but it did not fix the problem. I am wondering if anyone of you have had the same problem, and any solutions to it.


  34. Eskay says:

    When attempting to create a custom report, I tried connecting to DS-SRV-01 with vpc admin that is cradmin/<pass> , and it gives me a login failed message for crmadmin.

    I was able to log into CRM Aug2007 VPC on win2003 without an issue; and so am curious if I am using a different login/pass.

    Thanks in advance


  35. bensonk2 says:

    Has anyone else been having problems with the Webclient requiring you to Log in? I’ll be working on customizations and the login screen will pop up.  Most of the time it won’t let me login with any combinations of user or password.  I have to close IE down completely (all tabs) and restart IE.  Is there a setting that I’m missing?

  36. chaffee007 says:

    Same thing.  I really need to solve this.

  37. bensonk2 says:

    I have a support case into microsoft for this because it is happening on our Live System as well.  They keep trying to blame it on our Network, and everytime that I tell them that it is happening in the new CRM VPC as well… they seem to ignore that I’ve mentioned the VPC all together.  (They tried blaming it on c360, then DNS…etc…, so unless the VPC is setup EXACTLY the same as our system… well, you get the picture.  Has anyone had this issue and been able to resolve it?  What caused it?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  38. Jeff Fane says:

    yes bensonk2 I’ve had the issue also and its a problem on a dev server as well as the VPC.

  39. bensonk2 says:

    Microsoft support is trying to blame this on everything but CRM.  They have been having me run all kinds of monitoring, diags, tests, changing registry keys, adding registry keys…this has been going on for over a month!  If anyone has found a solution to this problem, please post it… it sounds like this problem is very common but I’ve not been able to find anyone who knows how to solve it.


  40. mennotk says:

    Bensonk2, the solution right now for the VPC is to remove the host header on the CRM website and change the port to 5555 within IIS. After this do a find and replace in the registry on http://crm and replace that with http://ds-srv-01:5555

    I will try to make a blogpost about this particular topic.

  41. bensonk2 says:

    Thanks!  I’ll give it a try!

  42. bensonk2 says:

    Not sure where to post this question. (Feel free to move the post if needed, thought I’d start here with some CRM Guru’s!)

    I am looking for a good way to Customize Activity History to make it easier to find things.  If you have a lot of emails that go back and forth, it is almost impossible to find the email that you are looking for because there is no "From" available in the view.  (And it cannot be added)

    Has anyone come up with a good way to solve this without having to create an advanced find to locate what you are looking for?

    It does not appear that this issue was addressed in 4.0 either.

  43. Dave says:

    I did the fix above:

    Bensonk2, the solution right now for the VPC is to remove the host header on the CRM website and change the port to 5555 within IIS. After this do a find and replace in the registry on http://crm and replace that with http://ds-srv-01:5555

    CRM opens now but only certain functions work.  Otherwise I get an Error Try Again message.

    Anyone know what might be causing this?


  44. bensonk2 says:

    I did the above mentioned fix, I have yet to recieve the error in the VPC since applying the fix.  Although, I have noticed that since the fix was applied, that the VPC seems significantly slower.  

    Also, we do not use Host Headers in our production system so this fix will not work there.

    Any other fixes that anyone has found that work?

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