Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1

Even though this is not a mobility blog I still wanted to update you guys that there a is update for the Windows Mobile Device Center on Vista only! It seems that some people had troubles synching and what not. I am using a WM6 device myself and did not encounter any problems, but I did upgrade my WMDC.

You can find the 32-bit download here and the 64-bit here

This update does not only fix the synchronization issues but also adds other key improvements and new features to support Windows Mobile 6 devices.

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  1. Mark Nielson says:

    I too have a windows mobile 6 device and Windows Vista (enterprise).  I have loaded WMDC 6.1 and I still am not able to sync email, contacts or calendar from my desktop to my Windows Mobile Device.  I have read a large number of posts on different websites that state there are a large number of people using this combination Vista and WM6 that are having the same issue.  I have also seen a number of posts that have talked about Office Mobile Outlook.  My device does not come with Outlook.  Also I am unable to find a download of the SW.  MS talks about Outlook Mobile but does not say where it is available.  It is my belief that MS did not anticipate WM6 devices that weren’t also phones and as such did not build in the capability to get email, calendar, and contacts synched up from the desktop/laptop pc to the device.  Or it is a matter where Outlook Mobile is needed on the WM6 device and that has not been put up to be downloaded as yet.  I have seen posts that have listed in the Windows Mobile Office suite Outlook and other posts that do not list outlook in the suite.  I just wish to get my info synced up properly.

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