My second review of the E-ten M700

Looking at my blog stats, it seems that the posts where I did my very first review about the E-ten M700 are really popular. The posts are located here: and here

I want to continue these two successful postings with a third posting; again it is about the E-ten, but now equipped with Windows Mobile 6!

For a few days, E-ten has an update available to upgrade your E-ten M700 device if you have one of their phones with a valid IMEI number. You need to register here:, supply some personal information, your IMEI and serial number.


Once you have downloaded the .exe file that enables you to upgrade your device, you need to do the following to make this as smooth and fast as possible: Backup your device and remove the Micro SD card from the phone. Run the .exe file on a Windows XP machine, not a VISTA machine, and follow the step-by-step instructions on your screen. After about seven minutes you will have a M700 with Windows Mobile 6 on it!

Windows Mobile 6:

I can talk about Windows Mobile 6 and mention all the features, but I want you to take a look here and judge for yourself. I do not need an iPhone...


The boot time did not really change in my opinion, but man let me tell you..the speed on the device itself now rocks!! I can click around like I would do on my computer, meaning applications open almost instantly. When using the keyboard, the typing is up-to-date and you don't need to wait for the screen to catch up, like you sometimes had to with Windows Mobile 5.

User Interface:

The User Interface got polished up nicely, but that is something Microsoft did and not E-ten. E-ten did update their themes and phone skins and that results in a better usable Phone "application".


I am using my GPS in combination with Live Search, an application you can download on your mobile phone from the following address: I downloaded Live Search right after I updated my Satellite data files through an application you get from E-ten. GPS is fast and accurate and I have had no complaints yet...I just hope we get voice support on Live Search so we do not need TomTom anymore.

FM Tuner:

Like I have said before, the M700 has a great FM Tuner, but I still need to change the band to Euro instead of just using the US Band. Other than that I have no complaints.


GPRS works nice once set up. It still loses its settings after a reset, maybe that is something they will fix in future updates. It could be a mistake from E-ten or from Microsoft..I do not know.


It works good and fast with Windows Mobile 6. The buzzing noise is still there though!

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  1. Stewart says:


    I am trying to use the wifi on my eten m700.  It was able to pick up the signal but when I launch the browser, it can’t download anything…keep searching.  Do you need to change some setting in the wifi?

    Also, whenever you open the apps, do you know how to close it out instead having it running in the background.  When I tap on the top of the screen where I see the application name, it opens up the window start menu instead.  So for me to close out all the apps I open through the course, I have to go into RAM icon and to the Running Progams tab to cancel all the progams out.


  2. Alfred Johnson says:

    Will running the WM6 upgrade the usb connection was lost will downloading the 2nd file and now the M700 will not boot.  Any idea how I can get thisback to a working M700?

  3. Steve says:

    Hi there. Just read your comments about the M700 and noticed that you said … the M700 has a great FM Tuner… well where is it cus mine doesn’t have one installed. Orange UK say it doesn’t have one as do no end of places. What am i missing cus to be honest, I had an XDA Orbit which had one for sure as i used it a lot and i was seriously thinking about dumping my M700 and getting the Orbit back. Please help!!! Thanks, Steve 🙂

  4. Liz says:


    First of all: very nice review. It’s good to see a long term user’s perspective.

    I should get my M700 within a few days now and I’m very excited.

    However, I was just wondering. If you upgrade to WM6, will you still have the M-Desk which is pre-installed with WM5?

    Thanks in advanced,


  5. mennotk says:

    Hi Liz,

    Yes all the features plus a little more are available when you upgrade to WM6. Enjoy your phone!

  6. mennotk says:

    Steve, if the phone is unlocked try to download the WM6 rom from E-ten and do an upgrade. Maybe that solves it.

  7. Chew says:


    I have upgraded from WM5 to WM6, but I did encountered the following error;

    # When I plug my phone to the AC adapter to recharge my battery. After couple of hours, the phone shown fully charge with Green Light blinking.. But I was unable to ON back my phone.

    I need to do a cold boot, in order to boot-up my phone.

    My question, is any 1 out there fixing the issue b4?

    Any advise on resolving the issue, is welcome!

    Thank You and Warm Regards,

  8. Nafees says:


    I checked with some distriubtors here and they said that M700 does not have FM tuner, neither it was mentioned at the outside surface of the box

  9. mennotk says:

    Nafees, then I don’t know what I am listening to every single day when I go work. My M700 did come with a great FM tuner.

  10. Basel says:

    I bought an M700 lately from Syria(SAR) & it does include an FM tuner! Well I simply reach it by clicking




    FM Tuner.

  11. Kevin Sethi says:

    I’ve recently purchased an Eten Glofiish M700. I’m loving it as I live in the USA.

    I also have no complaints 🙂

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