Today’s word: Mother’s Day or Moederdag?

Today it is Mother's Day in the U.S.A. or Moederdag as we would call it in Dutch. Today would probably be the first Mother's day that I am not at home giving my Mom a big bouquet of flowers or some other nice gift. Knowing that my Mom reads my blog now and then, I am curious if she will catch this posting.

Just to give you guys a little history... Mother's Day was invented in 1908 by Anna Jarvis from West Virginia, U.S.A. The holiday spread quickly and Mother's day is now being celebrated throughout most parts of the world. Looking at online searches for the term "mothers day" it shows two major trends, the smaller one on the fourth Sunday in Lent, and the larger one on the second Sunday in May.

So thanks to Wikipedia, I found a list with Mother's Day spelled in almost every imaginable language. Take a look at the list and see if your language is in there, if it is not, please leave a comment with Mother's Day written in your native language.

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms in the world but especially to my own mom!

(al) : Dita e Nënës (8 Marsi)
(ar) : عيد الأمّ (Eid Al-Omm)
(hy) : Մայրության օր (Mayrutyan or)
(ber) : tameγra n tyemmat
(bg) : Ден на майката
(bs) : dan majki
(ca) : Dia de la Mare
(ch) : 母亲节 or 母親節 (mǔ qīn jié)
(hr) : Majčin dan
(cz) : Den Matek
(da) : Mors dag
(nl) : Moederdag
(de) : Muttertag
(el) : Γιορτή της Μητέρας
(et) : Emadepäev
(dar) : روز مادر (Ruz-e Madar)
(fi) : Äitienpäivä
(fr) : (La) Fête des mères
(he) : (he) יום האם (Yom ha-em)
(hi) : (hi) Matru din
(hr) : Majčin dan
(hu) : (Az) Anyák napja
(ga) : Lá na Mháithair
(is) : Mæðradagur
(id) : Hari Ibu
(it) : (La) Festa della mamma
(ja) : 母の日 (Haha no Hi)
(kor) : 어머님 날 (Uh-muh-neem nal)
(lv) : Mātes diena
(lt) : Motinos diena
(bm) : Hari Ibu
(mt) : Jum l-Omm
(me) : Dan majki / Дан мајки
(no) : Morsdag
(per) : روز مادر (Rouz-e Maadar)
(pl) : Dzień Matki
(pt) : (O) Dia da Mãe - Brazil: Dia das Mães
(ro) : Ziua femeii ("Woman's Day")
(ru) : День Матери
(es) : Día de la Madre
(sk) : Deň matiek
(sl) : Materinski dan (dan žena oz. žensk)
(sv) : Mors dag
(sh) : Liepstacoq Bua
(ta) : Araw ng mga Ina/Nanay
(tam) : Annaiyar Dhinam
(th) : วันแม่
(tel) : Amma Dinam
(tr) : Anneler Günü
(ua) : Свято Матері
(cy) : Sul y Mamau
(ma) : Ammamar Dinam
(ka) : ತಾಯಂದಿರ ದಿನ(thayandira dina)
(ie):lá an mháthair
(Dh):މަންމައިންގް ދުވަސް
(vi) : Ngày của Mẹ (officially Ngay quoc te Nu - International Womens Day )

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  1. Tomas says:

    Hey, Menno

    Nice story about "moederdag" A tip for next’s years mothersday: 😉


  2. mennotk says:

    Tomas, thansk for the tip…But my mom is getting something else through snail mail. Myabe next year it is going to be fleurop.

  3. Chandrani says:

    I want to know the word "Mother" in all other languages in world. I got some from your listing but not able to understand all of them May be If U have time just give a list only with te word.

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