Building Web-Based Line-of-Business Applications on the Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM Platform

Today I checked out the recorded session presented by Ben Riga and Jason Hunt at MIX07 in Los Angeles. The session is about one hour and 20 minutes and shows some really cool things you can do with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Live) platform.

The abstract of this session: Ben and Jason explore how developing applications on the Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM platform can speed up delivery of applications in the cloud. They look at the basics of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and delve into how that extends into the cloud in hosted environments or on the Microsoft hosted Dynamics Live CRM. Finally they look at real-life customer scenarios of loosely coupled systems that extend Microsoft CRM or connect with Microsoft CRM over the cloud.

One other cool thing to mention is that all recorded sessions are available in Silverlight! Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.

Maybe one day we will create a Silverlight -like- CRM client....this would enable us to deliver Microsoft Dynamics CRM cross-browser and cross-platform. Am curious on your thoughts around this, would this something you like to see in the future or do you think I took to much ACID this morning?

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  1. eric_statera says:

    Clearly too much ACID, but nice job thinking out of the box.

    Interesting concept.  Reduces the "Power of the Platform" concept but increases the Dr. Evil concept of "Ruling the World…"

  2. na says:

    your on track here

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