US Enterprise Dynamics sales team deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

I could write a huge blog posting around this but I am not going to, this because I am still in shock! The Microsoft U.S. Dynamics Enterprise Sales Team used to use Siebel to track opportunities. However, adoption was poor because of usability frustrations and customization difficulties....guess what they are using now!

Please read the below paragraph and click on the link. After that come back and leave me a comment on what you think about this...

“Best Practices Established
Microsoft aims to have all employees using Microsoft Dynamics CRM instead of Siebel in the near future. Says Stuart Scott, Microsoft CIO, “We have plans in place to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM throughout Microsoft to support new levels of sales productivity. This implementation allows us to further enable real business success.”

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  1. Eric says:

    The matter-of-fact tone ups the weird-factor considerably.

  2. mennotk says:

    Eric, wanne explain that comment a little more…?

  3. Wow.  That is an Excellent Case.  No they can Integrate Also with the Partners Using Microsoft CRM.  We need this same thing in Andino!!!

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