E-ten Glowfiish M700 review – My first attempt to write a review

Ok here we go and yes this is NO iPhone! This will be my very first attempt to write a review. I recently bought an E-ten Glowfiish M700 Mobile Phone as you could read in my

Let's start with the package I received in the mail via UPS. Once I opened the box I had the following items. An E-ten Glowfiish M700 phone, battery, screen protector, Headset, USB sync cable, AC Adaptor, Leather case, Quickguide and the Windows Mobile 5.0 CD.

Before jumping right in and trying to see how this devices works I had to, according to the Quickguide, charge the battery for 8 hours. Once charged I turned it on and completed the steps shown on the screen. You do not only get Windows Mobile 5.0 with this device but you also get a lot of cool applications from E-ten themselves.

The first days I messed around with it since I did not have a simcard at that time. I will include the things I have done with it in the main story though. Before going into details what I have tested and experienced, I will give an overview of the specs of the E-ten M700.


Operating System

Windows Mobile™ 5.0 software for Pocket PCs (AKU 3.2)


Samsung SC3 2442 400 MHz Processor


128 MB Flash ROM, 64 MB SDRAM


2.8", 240 x 320, 65,536 colors, TFT-LCD


117.5 x 59 x 19.8 mm


165g (with battery)


GSM/EDGE Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPRS/EGPRS Class B, Multi-slot Class 10
Bluetooth® v2.0 class 2 + EDR,
WiFi IEEE802.11b/g Certificated


Embedded SiRF Star III chipset, TMC function supported*,
SiRF Instant Fix ( Ephemeris Extension )
(*subject to change by region)


Built-in 2.0 mega pixels CMOS camera, up to 1600 x 1200 resolution


Micro SD memory card


Built-in microphone and speaker, external stereo headset jack, hands-free mode supported


Mini USB Sync, headset jack

Ergonomic Design

Touch screen for stylus or fingertip, navigation button, power button, 2 quick application buttons, send/end button, record button, volume control, left soft-key, right soft-key


Lithium Polymer rechargeable with 1,530 mAh capacity
Talk time* : 5~7 hours
Standby* : 150~200 hours,
Pocket PC usage* : 10~15 hours
GPS usage* : 5~7 hours

* depend on usage


Windows Mobile™ 5.0 software for Pocket PCs , Microsoft® Office Outlook® Mobile (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Inbox), Picture, Notes, Microsoft® Office Word Mobile, Microsoft® Office Excel® Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile, ActiveSync, Calculator, Game (Solitaire, Bubble Breaker), Voice Recorder, Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® Mobile, MSN® Messenger, Microsoft® Transcriber, Windows Media® Player 10, Direct Push Technology, Microsoft Reader* (* subject to change by region)

glofiish M700 Exclusive Applications

Phone Tools: Phone Application*, Phone Setting, SIM Toolkit, Speed Dial, Call Filter, Wireless Modem, Dialer Skin, Add Ringtone, CSD Type, Voice Commander*, Connection Wizard, SMS Sender, SIM Manager, Skype Reciever Switch (*subject to change by region)

Multimedia Tools: Image Wizard, Image Maker, Multimedia Manager, Camera, Camcorder, FM Tuner

MMS Message

Utilities: Quick Link, Batte ry Meter, Zoom SMS, Bluetooth Manager, M-Desk, Scenario, Backup Utility, Application Recovery, Wireless Manager, Easy Keyboard

GPS Tools: Satellite Data Update, Location SMS, GPS Viewer

Packing List

glofiish M700, stylus, USB sync cable, AC adaptor, headset, leather case, Getting started CD, quick start guide, standard battery


As you can see the specs match my "must haves" list + more. Ok so now where should I start....


The device looks and feels really nice. It has nice metallic color. The buttons feel normal and you don't have the feeling they will break any second. At the bottom there are two connectors; mini USB and a microSD slot. The keyboard slides out well and is really cool illuminated with a blue glow. When you press the symbol key you should see those characters light up in red, but I must say that's really hard to notice even in total darkness. The stylus is nicely tucked away at the bottom and it kind of "clicks" when you insert it, so you won't lose it that easily.


The screen has a normal and decent size if you ask me. I enabled Cleartype and I am still amazed about the quality and sharpness of this tiny screen. The screen is also very responsive to either finger or the stylus. I actually like the fact it likes my finger...


I have tested the battery in a way you normally not do. Since I did not had a simcard I couldn't do anything useful with the phone. So I charged it and almost never touched it..it easily was standby for 4 days. Right now I am using the phone and I will give an update in a next posting how the battery performs in day-to-day circumstances.

Speaker, Sound and Headset:

I have made a few calls now and I was stunned about how "clear" it sounds. I had to tweak the balance between microphone and speaker though to get the best sound when talking. I did some conference calls as well and I used the built-in mute button to mute it and place the phone next to me and enabled speakerphone. The quality in my opinion was good and I could hear everything loud and clear. I have to test it when driving a car and I will update you with that experience. I used the headset and another I had laying around and that worked great as well, not only for calling but also for using it with the built-in FM Radio. More on the radio further on in this story.

PC connectivity:

I have read a lot of reviews before picking my phone, the thing I almost always missed is how the device connects with a PC. I personally want to know if a Windows based computer will recognize the phone and sync without any issues. Well here is my story on that.
I use Windows Vista and Office 2007 RTM and am connected to an Exchange 2007 server. I attached the cable in the E-ten M700 and my laptop and Windows Vista picked up the device immediatley and installed the drivers without any issue. Since Active Sync doesn't run on Vista I needed to use a new program called Windows Mobile Device Center. This program you get by going into Windows Update and check for new updates if it's not already displayed. Once installed I had to follow a step-by-step screen and I had my phone up and running with Windows Vista.

Wireless and GPRS/EDGE:

Using wireless is easy and the phone will display messages of available secure and unsecure wireless networks in range. I connected without any problem to a wireless connection in range and went on the Internet. I have also have used wireless in combination with certificates and did not run into any issues as well. I have Cingular as a provider and they got a crappy search engine on their support site, but besides that I needed to setup my GPRS/EDGE settings. Once i found these settings GPRS/EDGE worked liked a charm and I got my email in my inbox.

Ok I think I will leave it at this for now. I know I need to test a lot of things on this phone which I will so don't worry. I will post follow-ups on this posting. Maybe you want to buy this phone or have your own experiences with it..I am all ears and leave me a comment.

Continue reading here for my new findings and experiences: http://blogs.msdn.com/mscrmfreak/archive/2007/01/16/e-ten-glowfissh-m700-review-continued.aspx

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  1. Jorge Santos says:

    Hi, thanks for your review.

    I am also considering a M700. Two things I would like you to test:

    – Camera: Many user report horizontal "banding" on the taken pictures, even with decent lighting. Can you take and post some pictures taken with it?

    – Video Recording : Can you test the video recording function at 320×240? Move around the camera like as if you were shooting a panorama. When you play it back on the M700, is it smooth, or do you notice "bumps" in the movement of the camera?



  2. David says:

    Were did you get the settings or can you post a " how to connect". I have the phone, I took out my SIm card and the Cingular people have told me it will not work.

  3. twix says:

    Hi message from Holland.

    Real nice peace of kit. what I am dying to know is, if the gps works with TOM TOM and how the quality is when using softphone and calling VOIP over WIFI.

    cheers thanks for the review sofar.

  4. As I have said in the first part of my review of the E-ten Glowfiish M700 I did not test and use everything.

  5. P Doan says:

    I have just purchased the M700 from my well-trusted vendor. I put my Cingular SIM card. After I powered it on and got through the Windows Mobile screen calibration, it recognizes the Cingular network. I just make a phone call and test the EDGE (hyped GPRS) and they work fine. There was no need for me to make any configuration change.

    After that, I swap in an active T-Mobile SIM and it works fine– also no need for configuration change.

  6. mennotk says:

    Cool P. I needed to make the adjustments in the GPRS settings screen. I had to provide a username and password and such, in order to make my new simcard work with GPRS. After this was done it worked without any problems.

  7. SAID says:

    I am trying to us the wireless connection but i could not. every time i open any web page, it is connecting using the GPRS.Please note that my m700 detect the wireless network. how can I make it the default for the explorer?


  8. mennotk says:


    I dont know how to change this. When I log on my wireless and open IE it works ok. It will switch to GPRS when my wireless connection is lost. Ever tried to reset the device to the default settings and then test it?

  9. Danito says:

    i bought an M700 on ebay, and i have cingular as a provider, i have inserted the SIM CARD but its not working, what can i do, do i  need to update the device or configure, please someone help ?

  10. mennotk says:

    Danito, I do not know what is wrong. I have Cingular as well and it worked without any additonal configuration. As you could read in the comments others have done the same and did not experience any problems.

  11. Danito says:

    i got it to work, but can anyone please tell me , i configured the GPRS but i cant send MMS, anyone has the configuration or the CAB file for Cingular US configuration

  12. Looking at my blog stats, it seems that the posts where I did my very first review about the E-ten M700

  13. Paul says:

    Just got my new M700, however, I am not able to use my

    Cingular sim card, got error message said, "no service" fund. Which phone company you are using? or I did something wrong? thanks.

  14. roger says:

    Can u please post how you got the MS Live Search to find the internal GPS reciever. I set it to "Intermediate GPS Driver" but MS Live Search cant find the connection. Thanks

  15. Howard says:

    I use the M700 on rogers and it works like a charm I just change the band settings so the phone will work.

    as per gps it is awsome I use tomtom navigator 6.6 just set the receiver to other NMEA gps receiver and baud rate 57600 then next screen highlite gps device and you will be on your way to your destination….


  16. kcam says:

    can someone show me how to setup MMS on T-mobile (USA)

    i have M700…need to setup my GPRS

    please help

  17. MaratSh says:

    What about Dialer Skins ? How I can chnage skins?

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