Apple Mac vs. PC – Zune vs. Ipod

Ok totally off-topic and I don't care if its old... but when I still had a TV I really was annoyed by that Mac vs. PC commercials on TV. It ranks high in my top dumbest ever commercial list. Wel anyways, I was surfing the web this evening and I found a nice commercial that actually shows the truth. Have fun and leave me some comments when you like it.

Apple Mac vs. PC - Zune vs. Ipod

To see more of this serie take a look at the original posting where I found it. They have three other ones lined up just for you!

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  1. Matt says:


  2. ZX says:

    NICE!!! Haha, really good…Microsoft should really make some more of these…lolz

  3. pablo says:

    Yeah, that would be true (if anybody actually bought a Zune).

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