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I wanted to talk a bit more about Hosted CRM and where you can find more information as a partner. The Hosted CRM works closely together with the HMC 3.5 framework, so in order to offer Hosted CRM you do not only need those bits but you also have to have the HMC framework in place. More information can be found below where I point to several websites with the needed information.

To get signed up to be a Microsoft Hosting partner and get information on HMC go to

To download the Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Solution Components go to the same link

To get more information and signed up to host Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 go to

This link has information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 hosting and links on partners to contact that are offering CRM as a hosted solution

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  1. Neil Benson says:

    Hello, when looking at Microsoft’s recommended platform for CRM hosting, several things jar:

    1. HMC requires 6-12 servers in the shared infrastructure before a single customer can be hosted.

    2. Each hosted customer requires 1 or 2 dedicated servers for hosted CRM.

    3. Microsoft estimates that the average price of the hardware for a 50 user deployment is $0.12 per month per user. So that’s $6 per month for the dedicated server plus the shared infrastructure. But a hosted server in the UK is about £600 ($1200) per month (including Windows Server licencing), so where does Microsoft gets it’s prices from?

    4. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional Edition for Service Providers offers the customer no reporting functionality or export to Excel functionality – so why would anyone buy it?

    5. You can’t get the CRM External Connector on the SPLA price list, so the customer still has to buy that licence (which comes with Software Assurance, even though it doesn’t come with any software!). And it’s expensive, but the same price as 14 CRM Professional Edition licences, ouch!

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