The difference between Microsoft CRM Prof and SBE

I do not have a clue if there is already blogposting out there describing the difference about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Proffesional and the SBE version, but since i still get a lot of questions about it i thought it would be wise to devote a posting to it. Functionality wise there are no differences between SBE and the Proffesional Edition of CRM. But there are additional tools that come with SBE edition.

Below are tools comparisons:

Product Feature                          Included in SBE?           Included in Pro?   

Click Through Setup                              Yes                       Yes (if on SBS)

Registration and Activation                     Yes                       Yes    

BCM Migration                                       Yes                       No  
Server Management Integration              Yes                       No     

Configuration Wizard                              Yes                       No    
Fax Routing Extension                             Yes                      No   

More information can be found in the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Implementation Guide and at
the website below:

Compare editions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0:


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