This freaky blog is 1 year old as of today

Hi Freakz,

First of all a BIG thank you for reading my freaky posts for the past year. Exactly one year ago I started this blog and throughout this year I got more and more readers, made new friends and learned alot.

I didnt know if blogging was something for me and if I was capable enough to write posts that would be interesting enough for you guys out there. But I said to myself I should give it a serious try and try to post as much as possible for a month and then look how it will turn out. After the month went by I got addicted to blogging I guess, this because I saw I had a lot of readers in only 1 month and got great feedback through comments and emails. 

I look forward to a new year full of freaky posts, but now from the other side of the pond.


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  1. rlemmen says:

    Hi Menno,

    Congratulations with your blogoversary! It’s been a good reading your blog postings last year and I’m looking forward seeing more and more posts in the coming year!

    Kind regards,


  2. OFurnémont says:

    Happy b(loggy)’day!

    I hope to live almost that much time with my own blog 🙂


  3. Hi Menno,

    Once spoke to you at the Microsoft Office, but always reading your blog. Keep us informed!

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